GPU Benchmarks

The tables below give approximate BOINC GFLOPS ratings for some common graphics cards.  There are two sections, one for AMD/ATI and another for Nvidia cards.  The third column lists if the card is double precision capable / compute version if known.

This data will help you judge how cards will perform on a credits per hour bases, and may help you decide what card(s) to buy if your BOINC credits will be part of your decision.  The values below are for cards running at stock speeds.  Your measured gflops may vary depending on your system, the card manufacturer, overclocking, etc.  You could be anywhere from 10% less to 20% more than the values below, but the info should still be a good guide.

If you have benchmarks for recent cards that are not in our list we would very much appreciate it if you would post the info in our GPU forum so we can add them to the tables.

AMD/ATI GPU Benchmarks

GPUGFLOPS (Single Precision)Double Precision
HD 48701200No
HD 48901360No
HD 57501000No
HD 57701360No
HD 58502088Yes
HD 58702880Yes
HD 67701360No
HD 68501488No
HD 68702016No
HD 69503000Yes
HD 69703600Yes
HD 69905100Yes
HD 77703504Yes

Nvidia GPU Benchmarks

GeForce 8800 GT3361.1
GT 2201281.2
GT 2402571.2
GTX 2605601.3
GTX 2756751.3
GTX 2856951.3
GTX 29511901.3
GTX 4607002.1
GTX 4658502.0
GTX 47012542.0
GTX 48013452.0
GTX 560 Ti12632.1
GTX 57014002.0
GTX 58016002.0
GTX 660 Ti26343.0
GTX 77033323.0
GTX 780 Ti60223.5

March 18, 2011 |